About Balanced K9

Our long pack walk adventures help dogs gain confidence and create positive social experiences while also helping to achieve balance and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. We are a dog walking company who believe in positive, motivational, and balanced methods. With trust and respect, we strengthen our relationship by providing our dogs with ample amounts of engagement and the leadership they need. We can’t wait for your dog to join the Balanced k9 pack!


About Roxane

The owner of The Balanced K9, Roxane Moaveni, is an animal lover through and through. Raised in San Diego with a pack of family pets, she moved to the Bay in 2009 where she began her professional dog experience. On-leash pack walks and bathing dogs in San Francisco was just the beginning of a serious passion for working with dogs. Since joining The Balanced K9, Roxane has established herself as a strong pack leader and is pursuing further training to help more dogs become confident and succeed in new and everyday situations. Through balanced training techniques, Roxane has worked wonders on her own dog, Louise, and hopes to share her knowledge and experience with those seeking guidance.

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